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Alexander Wang has created an empire by making the kind of edgy, downtown basics seem to garner two reactions; obsessive love or complete ambivalence. If you fall into his target demographic of leggy Lower East Side girls who have hair that never seems to dry, then you will love what he has to offer for resort. If you don’t then, you may still find yourself begrudgingly intrigued by his handmade sweaters and casual cropped trousers. Though Wang has kept his grunge spirit, this collection is decidedly pristine; cream colored mini-dresses, crisp white denim worn with a leather jacket, even :gasp: a good ol’ fashioned khaki! Even non-believers may find themselves swayed, by the ease and accessibility of this collection.

A selection of monochromatic dresses and jumpers, followed by a cropped crochet top and white pants with a little hint of stomach.

Gorgeous burgundy mixed with khaki – love the bathrobe inspired trench coat, sure to be a hit. The cuffed khakis are almost preppy.

Signature black and white for the true Wang devotees, note the amount of midriff were seeing this resort season.


When I heard from The Imagist, that Miuccia Prada would be displaying her wares on girls with sexier figures, I felt hopeful yet slightly wary. Lets be frank for a minute, most designers don’t know how to design for anyone who isn’t built like Sasha Pivovarova¬†¬†and the whole “sexy” model goes editorial (read: unsexy and vaguely frumpy) thing was played out last season. The thought of seeing another poor girl lose her figure in yards of muddy colored patterns was really not what I was looking for.

So naturally, I tuned in for the erratic & jerky live feed like everyone else…
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The buzz surrounding the New York collections, was primarily focused on the hip set of young designers, whose upstart collections are slowly but surely reinvigorating American fashion. Granted, everyone waited with baited breath to see what outlandish creations would show up at Rodarte, Proenza and their ilk but the establishment still has something worth offering. Read the rest of this entry »


Rodarte was New York’s most visually stunning collection but was it the best in show? Conceptually the collection was the kind of wham bam smash that truly invigorated the week. The Fever Ray meets Maori tribesmen meets shredded leather enthusiasts dresses pack the kind of instant wow factor that will no doubt make them editorial favorites but a piece of the puzzle was still missing. As compelling as it seems at a glance, the moments after the first impression are the ones that truly make a collection worthwhile. When you take away the the smoke, the Sharpie arm tattoos and the macabre ambiance of the show itself what are you left with?

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Jakub Polanka F/W 09.10
With summer finally over and the new collections finally appearing in stores the time has come to get serious about autumnal dressing. Translating runway flights of fancy into tangible ensembles is difficult but sometimes you see a piece so fully realized that the look creates itself. Even a moment’s glance at Jakub Polanka‘s F/W wares ( Jakob Polanka F/W Lookbook ) shows you that edge and ease are not mutually exclusive. Imagine any of his dramatically shaped toppers worn over a simple pair of skinny jeans or those deconstructed harem pants with a snug white tank. Sometimes all it takes is one choice item to make all the difference – my eye is on the slick black patent trench.

Chris Benz F/W 09

The reemergence of color as a source of vitality within fashion is a unique journey. As flattering to the complexion as a jolt of color can be fashion has often shown preference to a rather stark palate. Black / white / beige/ grey – these are the wardrobe mainstays. Color is usually an appealing accent rather than whole story – especially the kinds of heavily saturated almost blinding colors favored by designer Chris Benz ( Chris Benz F/W 09 Slideshow ) and used throughout his fall presentation. With the sharply American sportswear perspective of a young Geoffrey Beane and the color sensibilities of a Crayola-happy youth, Benz offers up a jolt of good old fashioned fun.

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It has become almost cliche to talk about Vera Wang and wedding dresses in the same breath. The designer’s signature white dresses have become the gold standard by which trips down the aisle are judged but such a rarefied position can be a double edged sword. The bridal market is known for its adherence to tradition moreso than its commitment to innovation and one might expect the queen of said market to find herself mired in the conventional when crafting her collections. Many designers reserve their truly challenging work for their mainline while their bridalware tends towards the orthodox. Vera Wang ( Vera Wang Bridal 09 Slideshow ) is smarter than that – she knows that the same women who enjoy the romantic deconstructed pieces she shows for ready to wear will crave the unexpected if and when they choose to get hitched.

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