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The new Tom Ford lipsticks will not give you an orgasm.

Shocking news, but it is important for people to know the truth. In spite of the scintillating campaign featuring Jon Kortajarena in what looks like a reprise of his ‘Single Man’ role as a slick hustler, the highway robbery $45 dollar price tag and Tom Ford’s unspoken yet implied desire to personally arouse your…interest, the lipsticks are just lipsticks. Brilliantly pigmented, incredibly moisturizing, lush lipsticks, presented in hard white casing that looks as though it could double as a blunt instrument fit for assault. Bright, attention grabbing colors that could (if the advertising is to be believed) look perfect smeared on the face of your handsome Spanish lover, as you indulge in night of passion so intense that you –

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Bruised Plum, Smoke Red & Pink Dusk

Wait. It is just lipstick. $45 dollar lipstick, in a white case that will end up scratched at the bottom of your purse and make you wonder just why you blew all that money the second you get your Amex bill. That is of course Tom Ford’s trick, he creates a world of lusty luxury you want to be a part of, and products good enough to almost be worth his price point. If you’re looking for a great show stopper look, you can’t go wrong with Ford’s Smoke Red, but if you’re looking for anything more than that you might as well save your pennies. That said if you want the luxurious feel of Tom Ford on your lips (minus the perma-stubble) you are in for a truly decadent treat; I couldn’t resist picking up a few shades and the long lasting, smooth as silk feel is out of sight.


Matthew Good & Colin Firth in A Single Man

The most interesting sartorial development of the past week did not happen on the catwalks of New York. Sincerest apologies to the designers who have shown thus far but Tom Ford has stolen your thunder. The taut and entrancing teaser trailer for his directorial debut, A Single Man is as grand a fashion moment as anything were likely to see unfold during fashion week. Based on Christopher Isherwood’s tale about a gay college professor coping with the death of his partner – the film (or the little taste of it rather) is haunting, sumptuous and filled to the brim with pitch perfect costumes. Each detail is just so – from Julianne Moore’s black on white evening gown to Firth’s reading glasses, there isn’t a single stitch out of place. This is exactly the kind of exactness we once expected from Ford’s collections and as he moves into this new arena it appears he hasn’t forgotten his gift for precision.

Designer perfumes rarely live up to their hype – millions of dollars worth of ad space and purple prose copywriting can make even the most banal scent seem scintillating but the proof is in the juice. No matter how many celebrities or big name brands associate themselves with the product it all boils down to the personal interaction of fragrance and body chemistry – the nose knows.

One designer who recognizes the importance of actual quality in fragrance is Tom Ford. His first solo scent Black Orchid, was an uncompromising love it or hate it sensual gourmand that stood out like a beacon amidst the seemingly endless parade of fruity florals. Even those who didn’t like Black Orchid had to respect its visionary commitment. Not since Thierry Mugler’s inimitable Angel has a mainstream fragrance conjured such a glaring image of candied carnality.

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