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It is rare to find a decent editorial in most magazines, even when the price tag is hefty, so imagine my surprise when I picked up a copy of the free H&M magazine and found not one, but two stories that I truly enjoyed. First up, one of my all time favorite photographer + model duos, Terry Richardson and Natasa Vojnovic, do a girl about town story shot right here in New York. Every time these two work together something good happens and though the story itself is staid (kinder gentler Terry just can’t compete with sleazy Terry) I adore George Cortina’s styling on this.
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TAR is not a fashion magazine – its editor, Evan Schindler will tell you as much. Sure a few fashion personalities make special guest appearances and there is a smattering of editorial content but ultimately these are amusing post scripts on an altogether charming love letter to the art world. The second issue’s cover of Kate Moss ala Damien Hirst is only there to grab your attention – the real nitty gritty of the magazine’s second issue lies in exploring the ways in which art is becoming honest. The issue’s theme of transparency is almost a misnomer – the content presented isn’t transparent as much as it is seditious – a pointed middle finger in the air to the status quo and its lies.

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