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Perfume addicts know what it is like to experience fragrance burnout; there is simply a point in time where you feel like you’ve been there, done that and sniffed it all. With hundreds of fragrances released each year (and 90 percent of them smelling identical) the search for something original can be long and arduous. Byredo Perfumes provides a welcome break from the usual suspects; their lineup of atypical scents with names like Baudelaire, Gypsy Water and Bal d’Afrique, is easily among the most exciting range of scents I’ve come across recently. Factor in the collaborations with both Fantastic Man and Acne and you have the makings of the hippest niche brand on the scene.

Byredo & Acne Candle, Lilla Nygatan 23

Cool points rarely mean gravitas, but Byredo has both; there are many lines that boast unusual ingredients or strange combinations, none can match the crisp freshness of Byredo; one spray of the aptly titled, Green is akin to walking through a garden of sage, spritz Pulp and you can almost taste the sweetness of ripe blood oranges. There is something wholly addictive about the way in which they manage to radiate that rawness that comes with natural smells.

The bottle of La Tulipe sitting on my dresser

Created ex-basketball player Ben Gorham (read the fascinating story of his move from sports to perfuming here) the line is chock full of winners. Personally, I am partial to the zest of the aforementioned Green, as well as their quintessentially Spring fragrance, La Tulipe, but there really is something for everyone.



Those familiar with decade old periodicals will tell you that there is a certain aroma that surrounds them. Something not altogether unpleasant but certainly nothing worthy of being turned into a perfume. The idea of a magazine having a signature scent is an unusual one at best – how do you distill the essence of a publication into olfactory notes? Is Vogue‘s classicism a dash of gardenia paired with an undercurrent of amber? Would Purple‘s cutting edge blend of sex and art be an earthy blend of patchouli and sage?

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