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Alexander Wang has created an empire by making the kind of edgy, downtown basics seem to garner two reactions; obsessive love or complete ambivalence. If you fall into his target demographic of leggy Lower East Side girls who have hair that never seems to dry, then you will love what he has to offer for resort. If you don’t then, you may still find yourself begrudgingly intrigued by his handmade sweaters and casual cropped trousers. Though Wang has kept his grunge spirit, this collection is decidedly pristine; cream colored mini-dresses, crisp white denim worn with a leather jacket, even :gasp: a good ol’ fashioned khaki! Even non-believers may find themselves swayed, by the ease and accessibility of this collection.

A selection of monochromatic dresses and jumpers, followed by a cropped crochet top and white pants with a little hint of stomach.

Gorgeous burgundy mixed with khaki – love the bathrobe inspired trench coat, sure to be a hit. The cuffed khakis are almost preppy.

Signature black and white for the true Wang devotees, note the amount of midriff were seeing this resort season.


The Hyères prize is as good a litmus test for fashion’s future as any design competition can be. The likes of Viktor and Rolf, Gaspard Yurkievich and Felipe Oliveira Baptista have debuted at the innovative festival, so it is no shock that this year’s contest introduces us to some idiosyncratic talents. Among them, winner Alexandra Verschueren stands out as an exceptionally individual voice. Looking at her collection it is easy to see why she won the competition; origami inspired fashions have become increasingly popular in recent seasons, but at their best Verschueren’s pieces eschew the trappings of their paper inspirations. There are strange and intriguing new shapes, but there are also smart updates on classic pieces, like the cocktail dress that looks as though it was reshaped by pinking shears, or any of the one of a kind coats. Their range breathes fresh life into the simple concepts; everyone will be wearing a camel coat come fall, but how many boast geometrical frills remniscent of wearable graph paper? The strength of Verschueren’s work lies in its ability to elevate these normal staples into something magical.

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For most people 19 is an age of self discovery and the freshman 15; Pedro Lourenço is just a little different, he was already designing by the time he was a tween and his F/W Paris debut was astonishingly self assured. The fledgling Brazilian designer presented a highly covetable (and heavily hyped) set of little leather dresses, military influenced jackets and latex boots, not the most user friendly lineup but there was something fascinating about the collection all the same. Lorenco’s woman is strong, sexy and just a little bit dangerous; his style reminded me ever so slightly of the early work of another young upstart, Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquière.
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Take a pinch of the season’s current affection for minimalism and add in a dash of urbane sportiness, what do you have? The recipe for a sweet under the radar label specializing in sleek basics. Joanna Sykes’ fall collection ( Sykes F/W 2010 )  struck all the right chords for me; with a quiet authority she managed to distill the current trends without forgetting the fact that clothes are meant to be worn. Her draped silken dresses may seem flimsy with their sheer backs and gathered hems but the delicate construction hides a certain toughness, that tangerine colored shift is built to last. The construction of the pieces themselves is underscored by the quality of fabric, check out the richness of the leather on the jackets and miniskirts. Divine!

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If someone had told me six months ago that the head designer at Coach would produce one of my favorite collections of NYFW, I wouldn’t have believed them, but lo and behold Reed Krakoff’s F/W showing was a winner. ( Reed Krakoff F/W 2010 Video ) His laid back take on luxurious sportswear is instantly appealing and almost every look was exactly what a girl wants for fall and naturally a few looks stood out just a little more than others.

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When I heard from The Imagist, that Miuccia Prada would be displaying her wares on girls with sexier figures, I felt hopeful yet slightly wary. Lets be frank for a minute, most designers don’t know how to design for anyone who isn’t built like Sasha Pivovarova  and the whole “sexy” model goes editorial (read: unsexy and vaguely frumpy) thing was played out last season. The thought of seeing another poor girl lose her figure in yards of muddy colored patterns was really not what I was looking for.

So naturally, I tuned in for the erratic & jerky live feed like everyone else…
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The buzz surrounding the New York collections, was primarily focused on the hip set of young designers, whose upstart collections are slowly but surely reinvigorating American fashion. Granted, everyone waited with baited breath to see what outlandish creations would show up at Rodarte, Proenza and their ilk but the establishment still has something worth offering. Read the rest of this entry »