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Perfume addicts know what it is like to experience fragrance burnout; there is simply a point in time where you feel like you’ve been there, done that and sniffed it all. With hundreds of fragrances released each year (and 90 percent of them smelling identical) the search for something original can be long and arduous. Byredo Perfumes provides a welcome break from the usual suspects; their lineup of atypical scents with names like Baudelaire, Gypsy Water and Bal d’Afrique, is easily among the most exciting range of scents I’ve come across recently. Factor in the collaborations with both Fantastic Man and Acne and you have the makings of the hippest niche brand on the scene.

Byredo & Acne Candle, Lilla Nygatan 23

Cool points rarely mean gravitas, but Byredo has both; there are many lines that boast unusual ingredients or strange combinations, none can match the crisp freshness of Byredo; one spray of the aptly titled, Green is akin to walking through a garden of sage, spritz Pulp and you can almost taste the sweetness of ripe blood oranges. There is something wholly addictive about the way in which they manage to radiate that rawness that comes with natural smells.

The bottle of La Tulipe sitting on my dresser

Created ex-basketball player Ben Gorham (read the fascinating story of his move from sports to perfuming here) the line is chock full of winners. Personally, I am partial to the zest of the aforementioned Green, as well as their quintessentially Spring fragrance, La Tulipe, but there really is something for everyone.


The new Tom Ford lipsticks will not give you an orgasm.

Shocking news, but it is important for people to know the truth. In spite of the scintillating campaign featuring Jon Kortajarena in what looks like a reprise of his ‘Single Man’ role as a slick hustler, the highway robbery $45 dollar price tag and Tom Ford’s unspoken yet implied desire to personally arouse your…interest, the lipsticks are just lipsticks. Brilliantly pigmented, incredibly moisturizing, lush lipsticks, presented in hard white casing that looks as though it could double as a blunt instrument fit for assault. Bright, attention grabbing colors that could (if the advertising is to be believed) look perfect smeared on the face of your handsome Spanish lover, as you indulge in night of passion so intense that you –

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Bruised Plum, Smoke Red & Pink Dusk

Wait. It is just lipstick. $45 dollar lipstick, in a white case that will end up scratched at the bottom of your purse and make you wonder just why you blew all that money the second you get your Amex bill. That is of course Tom Ford’s trick, he creates a world of lusty luxury you want to be a part of, and products good enough to almost be worth his price point. If you’re looking for a great show stopper look, you can’t go wrong with Ford’s Smoke Red, but if you’re looking for anything more than that you might as well save your pennies. That said if you want the luxurious feel of Tom Ford on your lips (minus the perma-stubble) you are in for a truly decadent treat; I couldn’t resist picking up a few shades and the long lasting, smooth as silk feel is out of sight.

Simplicity and beauty go hand in hand, case in point Linda Cantello’s incredible work for Armani Beauty. ( Armani F/W 2010 Beauty Slideshow ) The show itself may have bordered on overwrought, with all its gilded flourishes but the makeup was perfection. A single line in red and grey paired with a crimson lip and perfect skin: the look was flawless and the perfect compliment to the streamlined hair.

On the runway there is nothing more beautiful than a deep, dark lip: whether or not this trend is applicable in real life depends on a variety of things but, 9 times out of 10 this look is best left to the pros. Thankfully Tom Pecheux, is a pro and as such, he is there to create flights of fancy. ( Peter Som Beauty F/W 2010 Slideshow ) the deep violet he created for Peter Som’s show, was the perfect goth gone good look. Against Som’s electric hued

The zig zag headband is typically considered an unfashionable mainstay, at some point in every woman’s life she has a one. Typically that point is somewhere around the age of 10 or 11 and said headband is accompanied by liberal amounts of candy scented lip balm. The shock of seeing the 99 cents a pop headbands being used at YSL ( YSL S/S 2010 Hair ) was palpable but yet again Julien d’Ys, takes our expectations and turns them on their head. Who else would have thought to layer the headbands one on top of the other to create intricate designs? The idea was one of those ingenious little “wish we thought of it” details that really stood out this season.

With every celebrity and design house rushing to get into the fragrance game, the thought of yet another new perfume seems mundane. Does the world really need another indistinguishable flanker or tepid, pink pepper filled blend? Probably not. Outside of the niche sector there have been only been a handful of releases worth talking about. There are however, a few labels who can still capture our imagination; the news of a Balenciaga fragrance, the first under Nicolas Ghesquire’s direction, is something compelling.
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One of the coolest beauty looks (literally and figuratively) to emerge this season is undoubtedly the visually arresting violet lip. There is something simple and yet subversive about sporting a bold color that falls off the friendly spectrum of reds and pinks. While there is always the danger of simply looking like a victim of poor circulation the perfectly painted purple lips Lloyd Simmonds gave the girls at Vena Cava ( Vena Cava S/S 10 Beauty Slideshow ) were the definition of cool. Granted, you can’t buy Simmond’s custom mix of MAC pigments (yet) but the bright matte color struck just the right chord.