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When my mother told me about Kate Cusack’s unique zipper jewelry, I was intrigued yet skeptical. The idea of a line of jewelry created entirely from zippers seemed gimmicky, but Cusack’s artful execution was more than enough to ease my doubts. If I didn’t know that these pieces were comprised solely of YKKs, I would never guess; when twisted, folded and turned inside out they look completely different and serve as the perfect little statement add-on / conversation-starter. Just goes to show you, I should listen to my parents more often…


Sunglasses season is upon us, with designers pimping their wares between the pages of every glossy and stores still pushing those tired Wayfarer knock offs, finding something original is easier said than done. Which is why Karen Walker’s line of always on point shades is just so special – who else is going to provide the perfect circlular shade, the right kooky orange, even a few description defying pairs that look like nothing we’ve ever seen before; you can always count on Karen for the perfect blend of kookiness and chic.

If I had a Euro for every time I saw this Celine handbag while in Paris, I would probably have enough money to actually buy it. Pheobe Philo’s discreetly luxurious collection for Celine, has been showing up in all the right places (just check Jak and Jil if you don’t believe me) and the corresponding accessories are just as understated chic as the clothes themselves. With a seemingly endless string of variations (red, blue, cream, snakeskin, croc, etc.) the only question is which one to pick up.

Nicholas Kirkwood is a genius, that much is given: the shoes he creates have the kind of cult following L. Ron Hubbard would be jealous of. When he collaborates with Rodarte ( Kirkwood for Rodarte F/W 2010 ) the end result is always spectacular, inventive and impossible to find in stores. This season’s glowing heels are the stuff shoe dreams are made of – lets hope that they actually make their way into production, bright lights and all.

Simplicity, is an overlooked virtue when it comes to jewelry; too often we are tricked into thinking that more is more when it comes to baubles, but every so often something deceptively easy catches our eyes. Natalia Brilli’s eclectic jewelry designs, are uniformly ingenious but her leather covered chains and bracelets are first rate. There is something fresh about a giant matte black chain, instead of the pre-requisite silver or gold and a little leather adds just the right amount of toughness.

The zig zag headband is typically considered an unfashionable mainstay, at some point in every woman’s life she has a one. Typically that point is somewhere around the age of 10 or 11 and said headband is accompanied by liberal amounts of candy scented lip balm. The shock of seeing the 99 cents a pop headbands being used at YSL ( YSL S/S 2010 Hair ) was palpable but yet again Julien d’Ys, takes our expectations and turns them on their head. Who else would have thought to layer the headbands one on top of the other to create intricate designs? The idea was one of those ingenious little “wish we thought of it” details that really stood out this season.

Chau Har Lee makes the shoes you dream about : the sky high, perilous type of heels that seem like something out of science fiction and shock you with their sheer ingenuity. Her designs are innovative and extreme : plastic, metal, wood, leather, combining to form sleek shapes and interlocking puzzle pieces that conform to the curves of the feet in the most unusual ways. ( Chau Har Lee Footwear Slideshow ) We’ve never seen anything quite like her footwear creations and that is saying something, the originality behind her designs is as impressive as the footwear itself.