For most people 19 is an age of self discovery and the freshman 15; Pedro Lourenço is just a little different, he was already designing by the time he was a tween and his F/W Paris debut was astonishingly self assured. The fledgling Brazilian designer presented a highly covetable (and heavily hyped) set of little leather dresses, military influenced jackets and latex boots, not the most user friendly lineup but there was something fascinating about the collection all the same. Lorenco’s woman is strong, sexy and just a little bit dangerous; his style reminded me ever so slightly of the early work of another young upstart, Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquière.

The detailing on Kristy Kaurova’s leather dress is truly astonishing.

Larenco’s take on femininity is undeniably sexy but never overt – these five key looks show his love of sheer fabrics, exposed skin, bondage inspired leather and clean lines.

Take a closer look at the almost venetian blind effect on the leather.

There is something incredibly graphic about his silhouettes, the combination of nude colors and leather cutouts make it look as though he’s outlining the body in black marker – especially with those cream colored flares. Note the use of that great venetian blind technique again on the cut out skirt on Jacquelyn Jablonski.

Leather and latex – a brilliant combination, there is something a little futuristic dominatrix about the look but the transparency prevents things from looking unappealing.

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