There are some pieces that you just don’t like, fashion is subjective and for every item that makes you go “oooh” there are at least two that leave you cold. A smart stylist understands this, more than that, a smart stylist will actually make you reconsider those derided items and could possibly even sway your opinions. Marie-Amelie Sauve is just that kind of stylist and her latest work for Vogue had me actively examining a few ensembles I loathed on the runway.

First things first, I thought YSL’s cherry print covered S/S dresses were the stuff of pure comedy – my love for Stefano Pilati is undying but I believe in tough love. Sauve managed to make the dress seem passable by pairing it with printed Miu Miu platforms and a corset belt. The cherry print will always remind me of fridge magnets, but this was still an improvement from what we saw on the runway.

Speaking of the Miu Miu shoes, I never realized how versatile they were until I saw them here used in every single shot. The shoes weren’t even on my list and now I may have to open my heart (and wallet) to them, the red pair are especially divine.

Admittedly, I wasn’t too keen on that Marc Jacobs dress either (my favorite pieces of the season being those killer ruffled dresses at the end of the show) but on Raquel Zimmermann, everything manages to look flawless – even dresses that subtly reminds us of a deck of playing cards.