The WIWP’s ‘Now Showing” project is a treat for anyone who truly loves film posters. Sift through the glut of year end lists and you will inevitably stumble upon several interesting best posters of 2009 compilations. As appealing as some of the posters are (09 standouts like Moon, Antichrist and Broken Embraces boast eye-catching lobby art) there is still something missing. Fans of classic Polish posters and the unbridled creativity that comes with stripping film images of their connection to traditional Hollywood tropes, are always on the lookout for a more abstract representations. ‘Now Showing’ gives 40 artists free reign to reinterpret cult film posters – instead of the familiar faces of actors were given sharp typography and conceptual visuals. How interesting would it be if they re-imagined some of the years big movies in this fashion? Imagine an ‘Avatar’ poster rendered in actual avatars.