The digital magazine is still a work in progress : everyone from Conde Nast to Visionaire is testing the possibilities of what can be done as magazines move past traditional print and into new realms. Of all the ongoing developments, GQ’s iPhone application manages to be one of the easiest and most appealing innovations to date.

GQ iPhone Table of Contents

For the price of $2.99 (not bad but a yearly subscription offer would be perfection) you get a full magazine that fits in your pocket. Complete with ads, editorials and articles all there in HQ so you don’t have to squint through them. Navigation is simple – either quick Cover Flow style scrolling or find things via the handy clickable table of contents. There are a few extras – a behind the scenes photoshoot video for the Rihanna faithful – but the real fun lies in having all the content right at your fingertips. Even if GQ isn’t your cup of tea, this deserves a click through as it is simply ingenious. Imagine the possibilities for all your favorite magazines!

Personally I plan on whining and complaining until there are similar applications for Vogue, V, Love, Pop, Numero, Self Service, Purple…

*Special thanks to Joanna for helping me take these pictures.