The oddest (and perhaps most interesting thing) in the latest Vogue is the delightfully quirky story featuring actress Carey Mulligan. Unlike the cover of the issue, which takes the plucky Rachel McAdams and transforms her into June Cleaver, Mulligan’s story manages to keep the spirit of the young star alive while giving her the Vogue treatment. There is something quirky and offbeat about David Sims’ photographs of Mulligan, from the icy colors to the red corkscrew curls courtesy of Julian d’Ys.

As always Grace Coddington’s styling elevates things, the almost frumpy weirdness of the Galliano hat and the madcap feel of all the prints, keeps things interesting. I am almost reminded of the eclectic style of internet darling, Tavi when I look at these pictures. There is something wonderful about an edit featuring an actress that doesn’t resort to classic glamour or in your face sexiness, in some shots Mulligan looks awkward and unschooled which only makes the  pictures more endearing.