Designer Clare Tough, has one of those too good to be true fashion names that is right up there with Hamish Bowles or Zippora Seven: there is just something about the moniker that instantly conjures a visual. You imagine a Claire Tough dress, on the back of a girl who is sharp minded and slightly dangerous, the image of Freja Beha, puffing on a cigarette seems more than suitable. Tough’s bad girl knits, have become a favorite of those in the know but for Spring/Summer, (Clare Tough S/S 10 Slideshow) the designer edged into new territory.


Tough’s S/S 10 collection of soft, at times transparent pieces, flirts with minimalism (tell me you don’t see a bit of Raf Simons in the fringed ensembles – a touch of Prada in the high waisted shorts) but ultimately gives in to flourishes of lacy embellishment and ruffles. Given the mostly monochromatic color palate and inherent ease of the collection as a whole, the extras never overwhelm. In fact, one gets the urge to go one step further and accessorize the hell out of the whole thing. Throw on some of Pamela Love’s rugged jewelry or pair of space-age Kirkwoods with any of these pieces and it would take thing up a notch.

There are of course pieces that require nothing at all: take the sheer cardigan with threads like a spiderweb or the crocheted bolero, with its scalloped edges and cozy look. Pitch perfect and no accessorizing required.