Taryn Davidson at Chloe

Of all the beauty trends in existence, contouring remains the most optimistic of the bunch. The idea that with a few shades of color and a dream, one can re-sculpt the shape of their face requires a fair bit of faith but the end results are typically phenomenal. Especially when you throw the whole create cheekbones mantra out the window and focus instead on the playful way that color can add drama to the face. The breed of contouring displayed on the runways of late ( Contouring Makeup F/W 09 Slideshow ) has no place in the Color Me Beautiful handbook and is decidedly unsubtle in its aim – bold streaks of color were shown on the sides of models faces at Chloe (hands down the most gorgeous makeup of the year thus far), Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Blumarine, shading their faces in light and dark like an artists canvas. Each version of the look was slightly different but the way color was used to strengthen the whole look (rather than just one feature) was exciting to see.