They Shoot Horses Don't They?

Comparing the current recession with the Great Depression is something of an old meme by this point but in the spirit of fun Vanity Fair has made an amusing little fashion portfolio doing just that. Casting young Hollywood ingenues as classic film stars may seem like a defeatist exercise (or sacrilege depending on who you ask) but the pictures manage to remain a beauty separate from their classic source material.

Add to this the pleasant fact that the little ensembles for each image look very much like the cast of a film we’d like to see at some point in the future. Hugh Dancy’s dapper Brit airs and Maya Rudolph’s flawless timing all at once, Rose Byrne’s delicate beauty and Jimmy Marsden’s boy-next-door charm – the possibilities are intriguing. Photo enthusiasts may wish to check out the behind the scenes videos for a glimpse at how each image was created.

Letty Lynton

My Man Godfrey

42nd Street

It Happened One Night


42nd Street