Coco Rocha by Norman Jean Roy

There are two sides to every issue of Vogue – the snobby chicer than thou side and the optimistic and fun-loving side that makes fashion seem not only accessible but palatable. For every deadly serious icy editorial there is a singularly lovely image of a girl smiling while wearing the kinds of clothes you want in your life. Lately the chief purveyor of these utterly enjoyable bits of sweetness and light has been Norman Jean Roy, a photographer whose cheerful and upbeat vision of the world echoes that of legendary purveyors of perfection like Slim Aarons.

Moreso than some of the other photographers shooting for the American edition, Roy brings out the Vogue ethos. There is a happiness in every picture – his subjects don’t just come alive they’re living the life. This month, buried in the back with the Index section is one of the most quintessentially Vogue pictures of the whole issue. Karen Elson and Coco Rocha lounging in a greenhouse looking like a pair of crimson haired siblings – relaxed, happy and completely stylish in their diffusion line chic. What could be more now than two girls taking in all that’s green while wearing price points that don’t empty the whole wallet? Roy’s serene color palate and general sense of gaiety make the whole thing come together into one joyous little package. Emphasis on the little – the whole thing is so cheerful it would have been nice if Vogue gave  a few more pages of it.

Coco Rocha by Norman Jean Roy for Vogue US


Coco Rocha and Karen Elson by Norman Jean Roy for Vogue US