The phrases “great design” and “expensive” often go hand in hand. There is an unspoken rule whereby all finely crafted, well designed, beautiful things seem somehow out of reach for the majority. Few people have the kind of resources that makes shelling out thousands on an object d’art possible but surely there is a medium point between exorbitant and Ikea. For decorators looking to add a touch of the unusual without going deep into debt, Artecnica is an especially welcome treat. The store’s commitment to providing unique lamps, clocks and other staples at modest prices is admirable, not to mention convenient. While a variety of designers have lent their expertise to the pieces featured the most compelling creations belong to Tord Boontje. His dangling lamps with their floral cut-outs and folds are nothing short of impressive and with the world in need of a little light right now, what could be better?