Origins are one of the easiest things to forget when looking at jewelery  – who wants to think about mining or hunting when taking in the beauty of diamonds and pearls? While unaltered rawer stones have become fashionable in recent years the perfect fusion of design and nature remains rare. The juxtaposition between the two elements has the potential to create an incredibly desirable final product but the trick lies in the balance between two. Luigi Scialanga ( Luigi Scialanga Jewelry Slideshow ) is a master of balance, his unique jewelry designs are streamlined and elegant while retaining an organic sensibility. The gold of his curved necklaces was wrought into its serpentine shape but it looks as though it always existed in exactly that form. Likewise, the stones in each piece are just gritty enough to seem culled from the earth rather than taken out of a glass case or safe. Whether its a ring with a mottled gold overlay that looks like a honeycomb or an amber necklace that looks like its dripping rather than dangling – each piece harks back to the granduer of nature.