The Orion Nebula as seen by Hubbel

With the phrase ‘space, the final frontier’ suddenly back on the cultural radar its interesting to look at the ways in which space remains inscrutable and inspiring. Some of the most memorable visuals in JJ Abrams’ savvy retooling of the Star Trek franchise have almost nothing todo with plot development. The majestic way in which the director presents space is truly spellbinding. Drawing from the best sci-fi source material – hints of 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s symphonic vision of the galaxy abound – Abrams & co. craft a space that crackles with energy while remaining a void. Whether it is the way the sound fades out each time the enterprise crew descends into space’s bleakness or the stunning lens flares and flashing lights that echo the brilliance of flickering stars and swirling nebulas – space has never seemed quite so comely as it does in Abrams’ frontier.

Orion Nebula - The Hubble Site

After the voyage is over and we are sent hurtling back to reality the fascination remains – so much so that one may find themselves daydreaming of spacescapes (guilty as charged) and the serenity of such scenery. The Hubble site boasts an extensive collection of intergallactic imagery, much of which is as fascinatingly abstract as any painting. Whether such pictures represent tranquilty or chaos depends largely on your worldview but in between fleeting fashion pleasures like collections, pre-collections, product launches and magazines it can be incredibly gratifying to take time out to consider the infinite.