When talking about the films of Jim Jarmusch the word style inevitably comes into play. Whether one is referring to the director’s ongoing fascination with documenting the lives of enigmatic lone wolves or to his uniquely nonlinear method of storytelling there remains a focus on the execution as well as the final product. With his latest film The Limits of Control, Jarmusch extends his oeuvre into the fashionable not via any concerted effort but simply through creating visuals that resonate. The film may be recieving mixed reviews but few can argue with the visual potency of a platinum Tilda Swinton clad in head to toe white topped off with crimson lips and a cowboy hat? Or the raw beauty of Isaach de Bankole’s features? Its hard to argue with things like that and though The Limits of Control might not join Down by Law in the pantheon of classics but it is sure to inspire an editorial or two.