Rachel Beach

There is a degree of escapism behind Rachel Beachs series of sinuous woodcuttings. Whether it’s the aptly titled “Towers and Portals” series or the multi-faceted “History Repeating” each glossy colored woodwork presents a break from reality. ( Rachel Beach Slideshow ) The cryptic names and knowing nods to conceptual masters (Frank Stella-esque color combos abound) conjure thoughts of parallel universes and abstract dimensions – the kinds of fantastical elements that pepper science fiction novels and enliven the imagination. With their tricks of perspective and oscilation between 2 & 3D you can almost feel the sensation of movement just by looking. Marquetry often feels like the point where art and tchotchke converge so Beach’s engagingly fresh abstractions make for a compelling change of pace. One can’t help but envision what lies on the other side of each portal, whether its a whole other world or simply another parallax view.