Chris Benz F/W 09

The reemergence of color as a source of vitality within fashion is a unique journey. As flattering to the complexion as a jolt of color can be fashion has often shown preference to a rather stark palate. Black / white / beige/ grey – these are the wardrobe mainstays. Color is usually an appealing accent rather than whole story – especially the kinds of heavily saturated almost blinding colors favored by designer Chris Benz ( Chris Benz F/W 09 Slideshow ) and used throughout his fall presentation. With the sharply American sportswear perspective of a young Geoffrey Beane and the color sensibilities of a Crayola-happy youth, Benz offers up a jolt of good old fashioned fun.

Chris Benz F/w 09

Its hard not to feel peppy when looking at the unseasonably bright colors and user friendly silhouettes. These are the sorts of clothes fit for a modern day Mary Tyler Moore – the Benz woman is smart, energetic and unabashedly optimistic. The vibrant cardigans and kicky little coats are the sort of grab and go officewear that bely Benz’ J. Crew training. Every woman’s wardrobe requires the kind of mix and max separates they can throw on in a hurry and Benz provides many pieces in that vein only his are kookier, punchier and savvier than what you’d find mass market. Throw a Benz jacket over one of those covetable J.Crew shifts and your day just got a little cheerier.

Chris Benz F/W 09

For evening the look is subdued slightly. The same color  palatte is used (along with the same to die for paint splattered print) but the feel is proper as opposed to peppy. Still light years more bouyant than many of the collections lately but not as memorable as some of the daywear. There are a few missteps into leopard printed territory and some of the colored furs are questionable but were willing to forgive. Who can stay mad when there’s so much to smile about?