Ashley Olsen

With the surrounding hype and blog-o-sphere attention reaching critical mass its only fair to give a brief nod to the Costume Institute Gala and it’s cavalcade of celebrity attendees. Fashion was the main order of business but few managed to convey any legitimately fashionable statements via their ensembles. With a few noted exceptions everyone played their usual parts – actresses dressed for another red carpet, models looked like tearsheets come to life and everyone else blended into the background. Most of the interesting outfits (and attention) went to the ladies tied to evening’s ‘Model As Muse’ theme but the non-catwalkers were presented with a unique opportunity. A chance to truly play with clothes without the usual boundaries of taste.


Apart from Leighton Meester’s insane head to toe LV few really went for the jugular. There were a few pseudo drag suits – thanks Rihanna & Lake, a couple of fond Oliver for Nina Ricci farewells courtesy of Bee Schaffer and Lou Doillon and of course the prerequisite Versace / Dolce / Armani / Prada / Chanel moments. Predictable.

The only moment of personal interest (besides the unexpected resurrection of Winona Ryder) were Ashley Olsen’s stellar white dress from her own line, The Row. While celebrity fashion lines are usually nothing short of vanity projects, The Row has produced some intriguing pieces in its short existence. The simplicity and sleekness of Olsen’s gown set it apart from a sea of overwrought dresses, among them the Lacroix worn by her sibling and partner Mary-Kate.

Ashley Olsen

Bee Schaffer