Camilla Skovgaard Shoes

While the currently shoe is enjoying a place atop the “it” accessories heap there remain very few shoes that truly have the excitement or inventiveness required to generate interest beyond the span of a moment. It is almost impossible to reinvent the wheel with regards to what constitutes a well formed heel but every so often something comes along to excite the eye. The designs of Camilla Skovgaard are equal parts eccentric and erotic. You have the bondage feel of strappy booties that hug the heel and the almost sculptural minimalism of alabaster pumps with flaps and laces.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Skovgaard’s shoes is that they lack a defined point of reference. So many shoes are reminiscent of one another but this isn’t Blanik redux, or wannabe Pierre Hardy, it’s something entirely fresh that stands out from the pack. Take it from those of us who couldn’t keep their eyes off said python pumps when we saw them on display at Saks.