Those familiar with decade old periodicals will tell you that there is a certain aroma that surrounds them. Something not altogether unpleasant but certainly nothing worthy of being turned into a perfume. The idea of a magazine having a signature scent is an unusual one at best – how do you distill the essence of a publication into olfactory notes? Is Vogue‘s classicism a dash of gardenia paired with an undercurrent of amber? Would Purple‘s cutting edge blend of sex and art be an earthy blend of patchouli and sage?

Michael Cain

While no one knows for certain what those magazines smell like the intrepid editors of Fantastic Man have paired with Byredo Parfums to create their own ribaldly masculine blend entiled what else – Fantastic Man. What parts comprise such a man? The basic male staples of bergamot, vetiver and lavender of course but when you throw in a little inscence, just a hint of the aforementioned patchouli and a surprise shock of anise you get an experience that truly is fantastical. If you require a visual imagine a young Michael Caine in a well cut suit with a cigarette dangling artfully from his lips. You have intelligence, style, sex and wit in one neat little package. And for the women who aren’t already members of the cultish Gypsy Water aliance, Fantastic Man suits the old adage – behind every great man, is a great woman.