Katie Fogarty walks Sharon Wauchob

Every designer wants to create the official look of the future. Most of the time this amounts to creating a great many things in metallic silver that are either completely unwearable museum pieces ready for the archives or just plain blinding in their chrome colored fancy. It would see that all ideas about what the future are pay homage to either an old episode of ‘The Jetsons’ or some variant of Nicolas Ghesquiere’s more playful moments. Rarely do we see a vision of what’s next that is both user friendly and appropriately modernist, which is why Sharon Wauchob’s F/W collection was such an utter treat. ( Sharon Wauchob F/W 09 Slideshow ) The Scottish designer’s mix of girlish glee and daring fabrics was a completely welcome  surprise.

The first thing one notices about Wauchob’s work are those impeccable fabrics. You have the lush charcoal furs, the rich leather of those thigh high boots – layer after layer piled atop one another to create the kind of vision of winter warmth that is both sleek and primal. While this is a look that owes something to Rick Owens’ cavewoman chic, Wauchob ads a girlish touch to each ensemble. The floaty dresses are something to marvel at, there is a certain ethereal quality that softens the inherent toughness of the leather and black. Their soft draping and The clothes are almost gothic in nature but it’s a romantic and highly dramatic version of gothicism. There is an underlying drama that runs through the entire collection. The woman of Wauchob is one of mystery and intrigue – she favors complication to simplicity and nuance to tradition.


Goth leanings aside what makes the collection work are it’s youth and sophistication. The lean pants, the lacquered black gloves, the those to die for boots (personal obsession of the moment) – it all adds up to something that young, urbane women want in their lives. a look that is both on the edge and yet easily integrated into what they already have. Imagine one of the glittering woven dresses peaking out from beneath a black blazer or the thick wool coats thrown over jeans. As well edited and complete a look as Wauchob creates it’s one that is easily deconstructed and brought into reality.