The story is all too familiar – stunning young ingenue hits the scene, her long legs and flowing blonde locks catch the attention of industry insiders and soon she’s embraced by fashion world. She becomes a muse to designers, makeup artists and fans around the world. Soon she is rewarded with choice bookings and endless luxuries. Her name is a legend unto itself and though she’s had a little work done over the years her face (and body) still represents the stuff of dreams.

Barbie is in the midst of a fashion moment. Having just graced the windows at Collette the iconic doll is now front and center on the cover of Vogue Gioiello. Granted, the image is multi girl but we all know who the star of the show is. The doll’s iconic presence continues to be a source of both inspiration and controversy. Has any other toy been so simultaneously loved and loathed? For every individual who sees the dolls as a harmless childhood memory there is another who views it as a symbol of the beauty myth. Fashion has always taken the former view rather than the latter and on the eve of Barbie’s 50th anniversary she’s never been more omnipresent. Lagerfeld is photographing her alongside Baptiste, she’s finally gotten her Vogue cover, Jonathan Adler has wrapped up her dream house and now she ascends to that most time honored of celebrity traditions, her very own clothing line. What more could a girl ask for?





Barbie Mania by Miles Aldridge



Barbie Vogue Cover

Barbie Store Window at Collete ParisKarl Lagerfeld Barbie