From the moment the latest edition of Numero premiered with the word “architecture” written in bold on the cover some of us (namely me) have been waiting to see just how the theme would be interpreted visually. Fashion and architecture are intertwined elements of design but it can be hard to truly illustrate the idea of architecture in an image. How do you take a three dimensional concept and essentially flatten it? Add to this the pressure of conveying the idea through clothing and it presents a unique challenge.

Given that the presented themes of magazine issues are often interpreted very loosely (there are several other fashion stories in this issue, most of which have nothing to do with the subject at hand) it’s surprising to see an expertly crafted story that is true to theme. Sebastian Kim‘s black and white photos of Heidi Mount are perfectly suited to the idea of architecture. Looking at them I was struck by how immediately they reminded me of structures – the checked tweed of a Chanel jacket becomes the rough-hewn surface of metal panels. The curving folds of a dress echo Frank Gehry’s boundless geometric shapes. Even something a simple as a dextrous turn of the head creates a composition that mirrors the shape and movement of a building, in this case Zaha Hadid’s Rosenthal Center.

Whether the pictures call to mind the exact buildings mentioned or something entirely different one has to appreciate the attention payed to form and balance within the portraits. The editorial can be enjoyed without the addition of references but just for fun here are some of the images juxtaposed against constructions. The correlation between the forms is fascinating no matter how you look at it. mount5a