Proenza F/W 09 Heels

Beauty is pain. How many sacrifices are made in the name of vanity? From squeezing into that LBD to shouldering the burden of a fully loaded maxi bag fashion followers know that looking good comes at a price. The adage is particularly apt for lovers of mile high heels – think a pair of 7 inch Tributes is going to be as comfortable as a pair of Chucks? Think again.

So far this season the award for most in demand object of torture goes to Proenza Schouler’s sleek wooden heels. ( Proenza Schouler F/W 09 Shoes Slideshow ) Rumor has it that the shoes (and their unyielding soles) presented a special level of difficulty for even the most seasoned catwalkers. Natasha Poly rubbing her toes when no one is looking? Scandalous. If top girls can’t walk it out in the slick patent and gold burnished heels what hope is there for mere mortals? Yet the aerodynamic design is immediately eye-catching and endlessly covetable. Will a more ergonomic version hit stores come July? Only time will tell but in the meanwhile get your name on those waiting lists just in case.