Fashion is short on originals. For every style icon or trend setter there are a dozen pretenders to the throne. While imitation remains the sincerest form of flattery there is a certain redundancy that comes with it. How many fashionistas have you seen in the same combination of skinny jeans, Rick Owens jacket and Givenchy heels? Endlessly chic but ultimately predictable and somewhat cliquey. We can’t all be members of the Vogue Paris elite, no matter how appealing the idea seems.

One visionary taking the road less traveled is stylist Catherine Baba, whose personal look is one part silent film star glamour and two parts modern day eccentric. Ultra thin brows, turbans, furs, cigarette holders – all hallmarks of the kind of over the top elegance favored by Clara Bow and ilk. Like an exceptionally well drawn charicature Baba pushes everything to the limit and creates something vital and new. There is a touch of the gypsy to everything she does – it’s not just the oft repeated pre-war mismash we’ve seen a thousand times before. It’s the kind of energetic mishmash that keeps fashion exciting.