morrisSarah Morris is less a painter and more a revisionist city planner. She breaks down our metropolises and their landmarks into their absolute purest forms. Lines and colors are her bricks and mortar, with them she recreates the urban landscape. Bejing becomes a series of rings and lines in honor of it’s Olympic ceremony. Los Angeles’ fabled Creative Artists Agency is a crowded mishmash of octagons and contrasting colors  that practically buzzes with kinetic energy. These aren’t places as much as they are individual personalities on canvas. Morris speaks to the idea that a spot on the map can be representative of hopes and aspirations.

Not content to simply rest on these laurels Morris expands her vision into film by creating companion piece movies for each city. Dreaming non-narrative combinations of footage from the most known sites in town to footage of construction, local curiosities, day to day life  and the endless cycle of change and growth within each locale. Through abstraction she is able to create a compelling dialogue on urbanity and it’s meaning – the continuous and often confusing push towards the future that defines so much of so many cities.