Fashion and music are intrinsically linked. Whether designers are finding inspiration in their favorite songs or musicians are trading in their day jobs to become mini moguls, the two industries share a spirit of creativity. While the current fashion soundtrack reads like a whos who of hot artists (it’s safe to admit if you’re still hung up on Santogold, Vampire Weekend and Lady Gaga – good music has no expiration date) it’s good to refresh the playlist every now and then.


01. Rafale | Rock it, Don’t Stop it

No words, no distractions, just a killer beat on a constant loop – nothing more required.

02. Fan Death | Veronica’s Veil

Upbeat F/W 09 presenstations rejoice, your soundtrack is here! It’s easy to imagine Abbey Lee strutting down the Anna Sui catwalk to the electro-disco infused sound these ladies provide.

03. Boy Crisis | L’Homme

If Prince and MGMT had an illegitimate electro-funk child it would be named Boy Crisis. While you may groan at the prospect of yet another dance friendly Brooklyn based band there is something about their vibe that is contagious.


04. Animal Collective | Bluish

It’s not even two weeks old and already Merriweather Post Pavillion is being hailed as the best of 2009. While such proclimations may prove to be overstatements there is no such thing as a bad Animal Collective record.

05. Marina & the Diamonds | Obsessions

With a keyboard, a warbling tremble of a voice and lyrics that could be cribbed from a the diary of Veronica Sawyer, Marina and the Diamonds are really something else.

06. Amazing Baby | Headdress

It would be very simple to dismiss such a grand name but this group more than lives up to the moniker. There is something wholly refreshing about their sound – folksy, tribal and eclectic all wrapped into one.


07. White Lies | Death (Crystal Castle’s Remix)

A little gift from our friends at Moderapide, the song that’s been stuck in our heads for ages only now with a pounding baseline and a haunting intro – the Crystal Castle’s influence continues.

08. The Americans | December Blues

Power pop the likes of which even A.C. Newman would be proud to call his own. Their music feels like the soundtrack to an as yet unreleased Wes Anderson film, twee but with backbone. The tongue in cheek Marlboro man imagery certainly doesn’t hurt things either.

09. Late of the Pier | Focker

This is what happens when you place synthesizers in the hands of energetic Brit youth. Magic.