Sol LeWitt wall installation

“The ideas need not be complex. Most ideas that are successful are ludicrously simple. Successful ideas generally have the appearance of simplicity because they seem inevitable.”
– Sol LeWitt

What a refreshing take on things. Though that quotation is decades old it remains undeniably truthful to this day. A novel idea is one that seems as though it always existed, it blends seamlessly into our lives. LeWitt (Sol LeWitt Slideshow) applied this principle to his artwork, creating work that was deceptively simple while remaining innovative and exploratory.

If one word can describe LeWitt’s aesthetic it is purity. While his later work explores the more maximalist realm of color spectrums his geometrical pieces are deceptively simple studies in minimalism. Cubes stacked on atop the other, pyramids of austere white brick – art so stripped down and bare that it seems to stem from apriorism. There is a house of cards frailty that runs through this  work. The structures are so intricate that they seem on the constant verge of collapse and yet they are exactly as they should be – perfect, simple, inevitable.