Jill Greenberg

2009 begins with a whimper rather than a bang. Like Jill Greenberg’s melancholy toddlers the fledgling year is full of promise and anguish. For fashion the forecast looks especially cloudy – with the wave of magazine foldings, brand collapses and corporate meltdowns just what will remain once the new season rolls around? Fashion has entered into a ‘sky is falling’ mentality – the once non-stop party has come to a screeching halt and as the industry rushes towards code red the outlook can seem more than a bit bleak.

Today’s tragedy is of course tomorrow’s eureka moment. Things aren’t quite as extravagant  as they used to be that might not be a bad thing. If luxury crashed in on itself in 08 perhaps 09 will provide the framework for a reevaluation of just what constitutes stylish – the words indulgent and fashionable weren’t always synonymous. Change is the only true constant and in an industry that prides itself on metamorphosis one never knows what the future will hold.

Whatever comes next is sure to provide much needed excitement.