Manon von Gerkan jewelry

The best jewelry is the kind you forget that you’re even wearing – the pieces that merge seamlessly with your persona that they become a part of you. You don’t think about who designed them or whether or not they’re on trend. The only thing one considers is how aptly they define an aspect of your persona.

Manon Von Gerkan
makes jewelry you forget that you’re wearing. Case in point – I considered my own Manon shark necklace, an anonymous favorite until a wise friend properly introduced me to the line. Manon’s spindly bracelets and colorful cocktail rings are quirky yet elegant. A gold sea-horse dangling playfully from a long chain is not everyone’s idea of what jewelry should be but the insouciant little touches make Von Gerkan’s line irresistible. The line possesses a freshness that makes every piece – from gilded sponges to golden feathers wonderfully contemporary.