Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars

Sofia Coppola has been a Jacobs muse from the start – serving as a vertiable poster child for the quietly feminine yet cooler than thou ethos of the early Jacobs aesthetic. Her unique visage has appeared in his campaigns, her name graces one of his eponymous lines’ most iconic handbags so it was only a matter of time before she took the design helm herself.

Sofia SC Bag

Coppola’s collaboration for Vuitton represents a few things the brand has been lacking of late – namely restraint and tact. While the splendiferous acid toned collaborations with Richard Prince and the new Stephen Sprouse glow in the dark reissues make headlines they also have rather limited life spans. An it-bag is great for six months and then it becomes an out bag – something retired to the nether regions of closet space. Great for anyone addicted to disposable trends but bad for everyone else.

The SC bag in it’s monogrammed glory is not particularly exciting – logomania went out with Y2K – but it’s calfskin counterpart and saucy suede briefcase are to die for.

Sofia Coppola for Vuitton

All the luxury of Vuitton without any of the passe brown and beige. Luxurious supple leather bags are something Vuitton has been lacking – the signature monogram and Damier are of course canvas and the majority of Vuitton’s leather offerings are of the sturdier structured variety. The SC collection fills a previously ignored void with something truly covetable – a limited edition that transcends its gimmick.