Montegiro Turntables

With each era comes a new method of music appreciation – from the phonograph, to the Walkmen to the iPod there is always a preferred means of consumption. As music has become increasingly digital the tides have shifted towards all things Mp3 but while the portability and ease of the digital age have their merits sometimes you just want something a little more lo fi.

Vinyl is back in the spotlight yet again – though it never lost it’s appeal with DJs and music purists it’s become a relatively rare format. The prevalence of turntables has decreased but for those in search of old school flavor and new era design Montegiro is the only way to go. The stylish German company blends style and function into at truly appealing package. Creating record players that are art in and of themselves – blending metal, plastic and even bamboo into elegantly curved, lusciously formed space age shapes. While the staggering pricetag isn’t exactly house party friendly the sleek turntables themselves are worthy of note.