Watercolors are a daunting artistic process in and of themselves. For the painter there is no margin for error – whatever appears on the canvas is now and ever shall be a portion of the art. As such it takes an especially skilled hand to work with such an intricate yet diaphanous medium.

Alexandra Compain-Tissier
‘s detailed artwork is all around us – peering out from the windows at Saks, peaking up from the pages of the Times Style magazine and even appearing on t-shrits. Working with in watercolor and illustrating she creates a unique and fluid style. Each person within Compain-Tissier’s work is an original – their soft focus eyes and slightly blurred features are as delicate as they are memorable. Her world is populated with single type of person imaginable – from precocious school children to notable public figures – and whether the pictures accompany an article or stand on their own they represent a dexterity and beauty that is rare.