Lloyd Simmonds' makeup

The 1980s were once considered a benchmark in cosmetic atrocity. The cakey foundation, Color Me Beautiful shades and Tammy Faye mascara were unquestionable wrongs never to be repeated let alone embraced. The decade stood out as a massive beauty don’t but time heals all wounds and fashion has reclaimed and reinvented the “Me” era. It all boils down to semantics – what was once overwrought and false is now maximalist and fantastical. In today’s office appropriate cosmetic climate matte faces and heavy eyeliner are glamorous indulgences with all the decadent vice of a chocolate truffle.

Lloyd Simmonds
, takes the current fascination and makes it wearable via heaps of smoky slate eyeshadow and an overabundance of chocolatey brown lipcolor. Suvi Koponen‘s sleek visage is transformed into a retro vision. Painted and styled into excess Suvi wouldn’t be out of place in one of Avedon’s iconic Revlon ads. That said, Simmonds strips away everything that would make the look passe – leaving us with all of the glitter and none of the grit.