Matthew Richie

Matthew Ritchie‘s artwork (whether sculpture, installation or painting) thrives on motion – it bursts forth in violent eruptions then curves into graceful shapes. This sense of fluid interconnected movement is integral to each piece and runs through his work like a pulse. Ritchie’s sprawling and abstract, The Morning Line flows out into space like a freeform aluminum scribble. As intricately planned as it’s geometric lines are (the work was the result of three years of collaboration between Ritchie and structural designers) there remains an enticing sense of chaos. Described as an attempted answer to the questions posed by Paradise Lost, Morning Line begins with a central premise – what happened after the beginning of time? The question itself is unanswerable but Ritchie’s response is powerful. Beginning with an explosion not unlike the Big Bang then twisting and turning into something kinetic and unexpected, he fills his work with that most human of qualities; life.