As one door closes, another opens. The final curtain has fallen on MOMA’s ingenius Wunderkammer exhibition but the quirky website lives on. Wunderkammer, or cabinets of curiosities were the precursors to museums. Equal parts scientific and artistic they combined the intriguing phenomena of the natural world with the lore of the mystic. Shells, bones and taxidermically prepared animals were juxtaposed against paintings, books and maps all within one crowded room. These stuffed to the brim spaces maintained by wealthy as eccentric displays of eclectic collections were popular throughout the 1500s and have retained their appeal – serving as inspiration for surrealist artists, poets and anyone with an interest miscellany. MOMA’s exhibition took the concept to the next level, opening up their archives and enlisting contemporary artists like Walton Ford, Mark Dion and Jane Hammond to create a modern day room of wonder. Though the era and intent was different the end result was no less inspiring.