Winged eyeliner oscillates in and out of style but remains synonymous with bad girls and good times. Divas from Cleopatra to Callas to Kate Moss have always favored the winged look for its innate drama – there is a certain dangerousness that comes with every swoop and smudge. Whether the look is purposefully messy or carefully executed it is always showy.

For Giles Deacon’s S/S show (Giles S/S 09 Beauty Slideshow) Davis Carrasquillo and co. took the careful approach. Every lid was primped and primed into a study in contrast. Classic matte beige across the lid followed by intense strokes of black across the lash line, under the eyes and even down the sides of the nose. There was nothing coy or quiet about the look – it screamed glam rock as loudly as it hollered femme fatale. The harsh dose of white powder that completed the models’ looks added a touch of ghostly to the mix but the eyes remained the focal point of glamour.