Sometimes the work of a good stylist can be so astute that it is imperceptible. The clothing selected seems like a completely natural occurrence – it as though the individual pieces (and the individual wearing them) were meant to go together from the start. This kind of seemingly intuitive dressing is typically the result of careful planning and study but it looks effortless.

Stylist Nancy Rohde, encapsulates the balance between looking good and looking natural within her styling. Whether she is creating an image of hobo-chic masculinity or teen eccentricity, the result is always organic and fresh. It’s this quality that allows her to move from Teen Vogue (home of some of the most intriguing meets affordable styling right now) to Dazed and Confused. While her amazing versatility catches the eye, it’s the way in which her choices meld together that sticks with you. A flat cap and lumberjack plaid might not instantly call to mind young artists working in Paris but when paired with retro glasses and natty tweeds and placed on the lean frame of Olaf it somehow conjures the exact right mood.