As a multimedia artist David Benjamin Sherry explores abnormal territory. Sherry takes the imagery of dreams and gives them photographic life without compromising their oddity. Nothing is ever exactly what it seems in his world – woodland foliage is painted in candy colors, alien flashing lights appear in night skies and the human form is glazed with Crayola tinted body paint. These are the fleeting snapshots of a hallucinatory experience but they are also intelligent, witty and subversive. Hints of sexual imagery and commentary can be found but with titles like “I Orgasmus” or “Wendigogo” one can see that Sherry doesn’t take himself too seriously. As Sherry expands his art into fashion photography with editorials in Vogue Hommes Japan and i-D, he brings the same sense of surreality into fresh territory. His mix media portraits of painted boys represent an intriguing interlude. The rawness, creativity and downright resourcefulness (who would think little paper cutouts could convey so much) makes each picture striking – particularly when compared to the now stagnant images of standard fare.