The bespoke tradition is one of the most time honored elements of masculine dressing. No matter how ordinary the item, the made to measure process imbrues it with specialness for the wearer. A simple dress shirt or pair of slacks automatically becomes the one – that perfect, molded to the body item that can never be replaced because it’s just so.

If there is one item of clothing that requires the precision bespoke provides it would be shoes. Feet are perhaps the most mistreated area of the human body and the closer a shoe conforms to an individual’s contours the more essential it becomes. Owners of custom shoes tend to buy in bulk – preferring to have 4 or 5 perfect pairs instead of a closet full of second-rate soles. Gentleman craving the custom ne plus ultra in need look no further than Bontoni, the hip Bostonian meets Italian purveyor of handmade shoes. The impressive shoes with their hand dyed leather and inconspicuously ornate detailing have an instant presence but it’s their craftsmanship that makes them worth the time, effort and upwards of 1K pricetag. Bontoni’s shoes are an investment but with their artistry and unique modern meets traditional styling their value can only appreciate.