Wearability is the hallmark of fashion utility. In order for a collection to extend off the runway it must be adaptable to the rigors of modern life. Anything too precious to survive a day in at the office or too ostentatious to be worn on a city street is ultimately of little use for most women. Striking the balance between pragmatism and beauty is a difficult endeavor but Dries van Noten always manages to craft a fashionable twist on the contemporary wardrobe. For his Spring/Summer (Dries van Noten S/S 09 Slideshow) offerings van Noten presented a vision that was both efficient and attractive.

Though van Noten is known for his an analytical take on fashion his vision for Spring is fairly straightforward – neutral separates, muted yet colorful prints and a smattering of a conceptual jewelry to keep the visual interest going. This is not the groundbreaking wildness of S/S 08’s madcap mass media printfest – in fact compared to the drama of that collection this may seem a tad mundane. There are no giant bells and whistles – just simple, understated glamor. Even the more overt pieces are simplistic compared to the tribal refinery Dries is known for. Grand statements were reserved for accessories this time around – chunky, oversized bubble necklaces and bracelets have the most presence but there are also graphic clutches and an array of sandals to behold.

Something has to be said though for a look that is effortless – while the spring collection might not be as exciting as one would want the standout pieces integrate perfectly into any closet. As functionally glamorous as that seems the real treats can be found within the details of said pieces. Every Dries “basic” represent a deceptively restrained take on normalcy – the little black and white dress becomes extraordinary due to its abstract print and gathered flounce on the side. A white button down shirt and black pants ensemble becomes ethnic with the addition of an elegant headscarf and massive gold necklace. Every detail is just so and the selective addition of such touches makes crucial difference between good and great.