For fashion fans Raymond Meier is perhaps best known for his candy colored fast paced accessories editorials each month in Vogue. The witty and often exuberant displays of heels and purses lend much needed humor to Vogue’s content but there is a certain repetitious quality to the imagery. One gets the feeling that while we are being treated to exquisite eye-candy we still aren’t seeing Meier at his absolute best.

Architectural photography is the where Meier’s talent for capturing a moment truly shines. Meier takes already impressive buildings and shrouds them in the fantastical. A marvel of design like the Rafael Moneo’s Kursaal Auditorium or the epic Diller and Scofidio crafted Blur Building, is elevated from a stunning structure to a visual presage of the not so distant future. Looking at Meier’s compositions the viewer is instantly transported – not just to another place but often another world altogether.