Perfect skin is an illusion or at the very least a fleeting occurrence – even when the goal of perfection is achieved it is only for a nanosecond. Life intercedes on such short lived moments – smoke, smog, hormones and time all lend a hand in tarnishing skins appearance. Though these vices are simply components of modern life the race to conceal such flaws continues at breakneck pace.

Nowhere was the universal obsession with clear skin more evident than at the Spring/Summer. shows where intense effort was put into making the models already pristine skin look flawless. Airbrushing, stippling and a host of techniques straight out of art school were put to good use. Take the luminous moonlit sheen at Donna Karan where models were brushed and shaded until they resembled the gleaming color flecked heroines of a Manet portrait. The look was immaculate during the show but was soon slathered off with heavy doses of Bi-Facil – perfection is possible but never eternal.