Based on the youthful and uncompromisingly slim cut ensembles shown this season at Rag and Bone, one might assume that the label’s target audience skewed exclusively towards those who are hip or those who are hipsters. While there is an air of Manchester via Williamsburg within David Neville and Marcus Wainwright’s Spring/Summer offerings the clothes rise above the tragically cool fray. Granted, the parade of stovepipe pants and leather vests was perfect for the generation Y but the androgyne natty blazers and three piece suits would be right for just about anyone. For the most part Rag and Bone understood the balance between what’s cool and what’s classic.

Though the show focused on menswear and womenswear the best portions were suitable for either gender – tough chic leather jackets that could be traded amongst boyfriends and girlfriends were standouts. The final segment of dapper metallic evening pieces as also memorable, even if only Coco Rocha can pull off head to toe blue shimmer. The swinging London feel of the suits is especially effective – one can almost see David Hemmings walking down Piccadilly Circus in the final outfits. All in all it was an intriguing presentation, even for those whose aesthetic is more uptown than down.