Casting is a process – finding the right mix of girls to represent a designer’s vision is a Herculean challenge. A keen eye and a discerning sense of taste are necessary tools if one wishes to encapsulate all that is au courant using only two dozen fresh faces. This season I have been lucky enough to watch the ingenious Imagist, Wayne Sterling hard at work during castings season. To say that it has been a learning experience would be an understatement – being privy to the other side of the industry has been eye-opening and fascinating.

When faced with wave after wave of lanky ingénues with immaculate visages it’s easy to get lost in a sea of beauty. Along the way several faces stood out to me – girls so lovely they were impossible to ignore. Though my photography skills are novice level (and my hands shook continuously) here are a few of my personal favorites from these sessions. Special thanks must be given to for allowing me to be a part of this journey.


Transfixing and hauntingly beauty in person. Ekat was already one of my favorite girls but seeing her up close really gave me the full scope of her beauty. There is something so feline about her grace.


Expensive is a term that get thrown around a lot when it pertains to models but it truly applies to Eugenia’s look. As relaxed as she was when came in, she retained that aura of aloofness that is so undeniably regal. I only wish I had taken more pictures.

Irina is visually arresting. Even if she wasn’t a model you really couldn’t miss her – her face is just that unusual. The moment she walked in I was instantly reminded of Francesco Clemente’s expressionist renderings of beautiful women.


If I had to pick one face to watch for the future it would be Dominika’s. Her posing ability blew me away not to mention her ethereal look. I see hints of Coco Rocha and Myf Shepherd.

Ataui was a breath of fresh air – lovely from head to toe. Her skin was like silk – amazing skin must run in the Wek family genes. Beauty aside she was humorous and personable. Pretty girls are a dime a dozen but amazing personalities are rare.

Misa was a face that was entirely new to me. There was something interesting about her look that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I do love how soulful and emotive her eyes are, especially given her youth. She’s so young but her eyes have an almost world-weary quality.

More fresh faces to come!